FM Attack Reissues Classic ‘Astrowave’ in Special Vinyl ‘Dreamer Edition’

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always wanted to own FM Attack’s classic EP Astrowave on vinyl. Luckily, FM Attack and Uni.form Recordings are making that possible with the stunningly gorgeous, limited-run Astrowave (Dreamer Edition). It’s available now to order. Only 300 copies were pressed, so act fast.

Featuring popular cuts like “A Million Miles Away” and “I Saw Her Dancing,” the 2010 EP was a crucial continuation and expansion of the dreamy new wave, house, and disco-infused sound established on the pioneering artist’s Dreamatic a year earlier. The music of those releases made their way into the consciousness of the filmmakers during the production of Drive and into the music collections of fans worldwide.

The Dreamer Edition includes the original four songs from the EP and adds some classics from the Dreamatic LP: the masterpiece “Dreamer,” ”Hopeless Romantic,” and “Disco Attack.” The cover art, by Brotherhood, is otherwordly and Dali-esque, and the vinyl medium itself is sturdy and presented in a beautiful blend of purple that matches the artwork’s aesthetic.

While you’re busy ordering Astrowave (Dreamer Edition), make sure to buy FM Attack’s newest album, Stellar, if you haven’t already. It’s an excellent display of the depth and breadth of FM Attack’s talent.

By the way, here is a clip of FM Attack performing live during his Human Music Festival 2 set at QXT’s in Newark, New Jersey, on Sunday, May 27.

(Feature Photo: ‘Astrowave (Dreamer Edition)’ cover art by Brotherhood.)