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Seahawks – ‘Rest in Peace (Yamaneko’s Memento Mori Version)’ – PREMIERE

This is a premiere I’m quite pleased to share with you today. The talented Yamaneko has remixed “Rest in Peace,” an inestimable collaboration between Vehlinggo favorites Seahawks and the legendary Laraaji that appears on Seahawks’ forthcoming LP, Eternal Beams.

“We’ve always loved the music of Yamaneko,” Seahawks’ Jon Tye and Pete Fowler told Vehlinggo recently. “He has such a light touch… feathers of sound float from his mind. Beautiful.”


The inspiration for Seahawks to collaborate with Laraaji — known widely for recording Ambient 3: Day of Radiance with Brian Eno — came from Seahawks’ Valhalla — the ocean.

“The dolphins initiated the idea,” Tye and Fowler say. They had been working closely with dolphin sound: communing with dolphins that had been washed up on local beaches; and reading the works of John C. Lilly and Joan Ocean. They created a whole batch of music they called Music For Dolphins.

“We felt it needed one more element,” Tye and Fowler said, “and one day the idea just popped into our head: contact Laraaji.”

Seahawks and Laraaji quickly connected — they sent him their music and he loved it. He swiftly added “zither and voice” to the Seahawks recordings.


Eternal Beams comes out June 15 via stores such as Juno. Stateside, I suspect your favorite, forward-thinking record stores will have some copies. In addition to their Seahawks work, Tye runs Lo Recordings and Fowler is a noteworthy illustrator. Worldwide, they’re known for their downtempo, blissed-out, marine drone, deck shoegaze, yacht-laden synthesis of sounds.

Tye and Fowler won’t be touring this summer. Instead, the prolific duo are spending the season recording music for releases on two different labels.


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