Drinker Perfects Their Tempered Tapestry on ‘Fragment II’

Biocoastal indie maestros Drinker’s new single “Fragment II,” from forthcoming album Fragments, is a beautiful exercise in magnificent restraint. It proves that you can tightly weave a tapestry of acousto-synthetic bliss without succumbing to bombast.

Longtime Vehlinggo readers will not be surprised by this, especially those who’ve heard Drinker’s contribution to the recent Vehlinggo Presents EP, which hit Number 1 on Hype Machine. That remix’s pulsating noirish minimalism finds a sibling on “Fragment II,” even if that sibling isn’t necessarily an identical twin. Producer Ariel Loh (The Eyes of My Mother) and singer-songwriter Aaron Mendelsohn are a match made in Valhalla, and this is merely the most recent cut to show that. (For an interview with the duo from last year, look no further than your friendly neighborhood Vehlinggo.)

Whereas last year’s EP Happy Accidents trended toward Alt-J vibes with a flourish of Loh’s haunting score tendencies, their recent fare have tapped into the Bristolian spirit. Check it out. You won’t be disappointed. Also listen to their previous single, “Follow,” which this blog also featured.


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