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One-Liners: Glass Candy, Gab Manette, Cory Kilduff, Nils Frahm & More

This week’s One-Liners column has some cuts I’ve gathered from all over the place. I can’t imagine you won’t enjoy this.

Gab Manette – Paradise Mall

Shopping in a real mall has never been this fulfilling.

Cory Kilduff – When It All Gets To Be Too Much

Shermer, Illinois, with an edge.

Glass Candy – “Good Time”

For a good time, call Glass Candy.

Glassio – “Age of Experience”

Brooklyn’s Glassio bring us delightfully laid-back synth-pop with many beautiful layers.

Nils Frahm – “Spells”

A modern-day arp master conjures the glorious spirits of kosmische as effortlessly as one inhales and exhales.

LCD Soundsystem – “Get Innocuous” (Electric Lady Sessions)

One of their best songs shines in the storied studio next to my old doctor’s office.

(Editor’s Note: As established in this post, the One-Liners column is a concise but meaningful way to highlight Vehlinggo-recommended releases. It’s not exactly weekly, but it can be. Check out last week’s. And because I want to, I’ll ask you to please revisit Jonny Greenwood’s profoundly brilliant You Were Never Really Here score.

(Feature Photo: The cover for Cory Kilduff’s When It All Gets To Be Too Much, available now via Burning Witches Records.)

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