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One-Liners: Clint Mansell, Computer Magic, Automelodi, MAVS, Cat Temper

Today’s One-Liners has some new or newish wonders that I highly enjoy and therefore recommend wholeheartedly. There are film scores and synth-pop cuts of the bright and dark variety. At least two entries are two lines. Breaking the law (my law) is fun.

Clint Mansell – Out of Blue OST

Clint Mansell is one of our era’s finest composers, a fact only magnified greatly with his darkly entrancing score for Carol Morley’s astrophysical neo-noir Out of Blue, an adaptation of Martin Amis’s novel Night Train. Available via Lakeshore Records and Invada Records, who’ve brought you the Drive soundtrack, the Stranger Things score, and Mansell’s own San Junipero score (and a ton more of your favorites).

Automelodi – ‘Les Métros Disparus (Feat. Liz Wendelbo)’

Montreal-based Automelodi have a new album, Mirages au Futur Verre-brisé, coming out in May on Holodeck, but until then we have the darkly engaging “Les Métros Disparus” and its ferociously stimulating video.

Cat Temper – Henry (an electronic soundtrack to Eraserhead)

Cat Temper (AKA Boston musician Mike Langlie) is a devout Eraserhead fan, which has resulted in his turning out a fantastic rescore that bleeds with the musical emotions of David Lynch and collaborators Dean Hurley and Angelo Badalamenti.

Makeup and Vanity Set – Mather (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Makeup and Vanity Set’s inventive score for Mather — a short film featuring a deaf cast and crew — relies on sine waves, human voices, and strings to provide tactile music for a sci-fi-infused western/fantasy about a starman who lands in a strange and dry country and plants seeds that in turn grow into stars. (Learn more about Chase Burton’s film.)

Computer Magic – Remixes, Vol. 1

The gifted Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter-producer Danielle “Danz” Johnson — a Le Matos collaborator (“Cold Summer” from Summer of 84) — gets some superb remix treatment by a handful of talents. ArtFluids, Pink Feathers, Futurecop!, and Robert Parker deftly offer very different perspectives on “Perfect Game” and Le Matos themselves turn the 1980s synth-pop of “Been Waiting” into a visceral dancefloor experience.

(Editor’s Note: As established in this post, the One-Liners column is a concise but meaningful way to highlight Vehlinggo-recommended releases. It’s not exactly weekly, but it can be. Check out the last one. And because I want to, I’ll ask you to please revisit this mix by Italians Do It Better artist Pink Gloves.)

(Feature photo: Cover photo for the digital release of Out of Blue Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.)