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ALBUM PREMIERE: Eve Maret – No More Running (Deluxe Edition)

Eve Maret hails from Nashville, but her synthesizer-driven music could be from another (better) planet. She uses this intergalactic mind-expansion experimentation to go on a journey into personal and collective healing. On Friday she releases the deluxe edition of her debut No More Running, but you get to listen to the entire exquisite journey in full a couple days early here on Vehlinggo.

Eve Maret “is devoted to creating and performing in a way that is inherently artful, emotionally raw, and transcendent,” her bio says. “Drawing inspiration from 19th-century orchestral and choral works, the Fluxus movement, Kosmische Musik, and funk, Eve makes use of digital and modular synthesizers, a vocoder, clarinet, soprano saxophone, electric bass, guitar, and MIDI Sprout technology to create works that range from lush cinematic compositions to space disco.”

Maret’s supremely talented at blending synthesizers and other electronic tools to craft meaningful music that is concurrently as big as the universe and as small as the warring thoughts in your head. This is readily apparent on No More Running (Deluxe Edition), which compared to the original release on Banana Tapes is expanded with three brand new tracks, alternate artwork, and new video content.

Maret crafts an entrancing musical journey. In film terms, it transpires like a full soundtrack that features both songs and score: Ambient electronic passages and Cliff Martinez-style arps coexist with tightly kinetic disco numbers and Bjork-esque vocal-driven experiments laden with acoustic instruments. Arps bleed warmth as they fly around as if Manuel Göttsching were working with Brian Reitzell and Roger Joseph Manning, Jr. writing cues for Lost in Translation. Icy synths run up against degraded soundscapes and Wendy Carlos-style masterwork. The dance numbers drive along like Daniele Baldelli meets Glass Candy. The whole thing is an extraordinary experience.

A component of Maret’s use of music as a healing mechanism is through Hyasynth House, the organization she co-founded in Nashville last May that is a music collective and education center for trans, minority, female, and non-binary artists. This is a fantastic and crucial use of music: Maret and Hysasynth co-founder Jess Chambers facilitate workshops, performances, and community-wide conversations in an effort to support and empower marginalized groups.

Tour Dates

Maret has performed across the country alongside artists such as Guerilla Toss, JEFF the Brotherhood, Mary Ocher, Coupler, Precious Child, and Will Berman of MGMT. In March 2018 she performed at Big Ears Festival’s 12-Hour drone. She has a string of tour dates on the horizon. Check them out below:

  • April 29 – Columbus, Ohio at Dirty Dungarees
  • May 9 – Nashville, Tennessee at Drkmttr
  • May 15 – Louisville, Kentucky at The Butchertown Social
  • May 24 – Columbia, Missouri at Cafe Berlin
  • May 31 – Winston-Salem, North Caroline at Monstercade
  • June 1 – Asheville, North Caroline at Static Age Records

For more information on Eve Maret: WebsiteFacebookInstagram. And buy her music on Bandcamp.

Feature photo by Rian Archer. Used with permission.

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