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Premiere: ‘Justice Is Done’ from Hugo Nicolson’s ‘Lost Transmissions’ Score

Hugo Nicolson is a legend. He’s known for working on some crucial releases, including co-producing Primal Scream’s Screamadelica with the late, great Andrew Weatherall. He’s also worked with Bjork (Debut), Radiohead (In Rainbows), The Happy Mondays (Madchester EP), Paul Haslinger (Halt and Catch Fire) and Julian Cope (Peggy Suicide, etc.). But did you know he’s also a gifted score composer? Premiering today is “Justice Is Done” from Nicolson’s dreamily brilliant electronic score for Katharine O’Brien’s forthcoming film, Lost Transmissions.

On the kosmische-infused “Justice Is Done,” the Grammy- and Mercury Prize-winning Nicolson blends a barrage of captivating synths and intricate guitar arpeggios to create a transcendent crescendo of colorful introspection.

The score releases on Friday, March 13, digitally via Lakeshore Records. Furthermore, Gravitas Ventures, a Red Arrow company, will release the film in limited theatres and on demand on the same day.

“I had made it a rule to write music every day a few years back with no idea what the outlet might be,” Nicolson said in a press release. “When my friend Katharine O’Brien started to write the script for Lost Transmissions, I played her some of my noodles and she offered me the score. Once she got to doing rough cuts of the movie, one or two of those ‘noodles’ worked perfectly and really helped us nail down the direction of the score.

“It’s great to discover someone you know has huge talent for something, and watching Katharine doing what she has done with Lost Transmissions from the beginning has been great fun, and a privilege to be a part of,” Nicolson said.

Lost Transmissions is about Hannah (Juno Temple), a shy songwriter, who discovers that her friend, respected record producer Theo Ross (Simon Pegg), has lapsed on his medication for schizophrenia. Hannah rallies a group of friends to help commit Theo to a psychiatric facility, chasing him as he outruns his colorful delusions through the glamour and grit of Los Angeles. From the highs of rock ‘n’ roll to rock bottom, it’s a story of the unsung heroes behind the hits and the inadequacies of our mental health system, according to the press release.

lost transmissions soundtrack hugo nicolson

Track List for Lost Transmissions – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

  1. Intro
  2. It’s Okay
  3. Swarm Over Into Essence
  4. Poignant Willow
  5. Not Left Behind
  6. Imperatively Clear
  7. Thread Your Heart
  8. Above Below
  9. Justice Is Done
  10. You Can See Me
  11. Time To Think
  12. All Too Familiar
  13. IO Echo – Goodnight Not Goodbye (Ioanna Gika, Leopold Ross, and Daniel Heath.)
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