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One-Liners: Chromatics, Dream Ending, Monty Luke, Heartracer, Lefti, Jordan F

What’s this? Another One-Liners already? A damn fine development. These songs and albums are killer displays of musicality. Don’t miss these. I mean, you can’t miss these. They’re too good.

Chromatics – “Famous Monsters”

An exquisite, spoken-word disco number with singer Ruth Radelet seemingly communicating from the netherworld. This reminds me of a blend of mid-aughts Italians Do It Better (Farah and Glass Candy, particularly) with the spirit of Chromatics’ latest LP, Closer To Grey.

Dream Ending – Dream Ending II

One of this publication’s favorite dreamers is back with an even more entrancing album via Data Airlines. Whereas before the music was notably crepuscular, this time around Dream Ending takes us 20,000 leagues under the sea of our dreamscapes into a world of pure, contemplative self-realization.

(A note: There’s a chance I’ll return to this release with a proper, dedicated review. I’ve included it in One-Liners because I feel you really need to experience it now.)

Heartracer – “Darling”

This is a delectably anthemic, synth-splashed cut from Richmond, Virginia-based Heartracer in the vein of The 1975 or, to some extent, INXS. I’m quite excited about this band.

Monty Luke – More Work

Techno/house producer Monty Luke, owner of the extraordinary Detroit-based label Black Catalogue, has crafted a great collection of disco, techno, house, and electro cuts. It appears to be digital-only for now.

Lefti – “I Can’t Get Enough (Feat. Nicki B the Vagabond)”

Lefti’s deft disco and Nicki B’s powerhouse vocals make for a potent blast of good vibes. Friggin’ love it.

Jordan F – “Without You (Feat. Gryff)”

Vocal synthwave that actually sounds ’80s — not something you encounter much in 2020. This is a great Aussie collaboration with synthwave pioneer Jordan F on the synths and Gryff on vocals. This is the first single from Jordan F’s fourth LP, coming in May.

Also, make sure you lovely souls don’t forget about Rory Mohon’s Darkly Dreaming. He’s going to be the next great film composer. I just know it! (Full disclosure: I’m biased because this is a Vehlinggo Presents-curated release with my liner notes. But still…)

(Editor’s Note: As established in this post, the One-Liners column is a concise but meaningful way to highlight Vehlinggo-recommended releases. It’s not exactly weekly, but it can be. Entries are almost never one line, but they could be. Check out last week’s post.)