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Le Matos & Computer Magic Return with the Celestial ‘The Sounds Of Nora’ from EXODE

This is really exciting. Montreal duo Le Matos have a new vinyl release on sale RIGHT NOW via MONDO/Death Waltz. It’s the soundtrack to web series EXODE, a haunting sci-fi series from Jesse Malcolm Sweet that tells the story of an astronaut trying to save his family from death on a malfunctioning spaceship. It’s a devastatingly arresting story that Le Matos’ soundtrack complements and elevates.

To keep us going until the record arrives in our mailboxes, they’ve dropped a new single with collaborator Computer Magic from the album. As was the case with “Cold Summer,” their collab on the Summer of 84 soundtrack, “The Sounds of Nora” is a bona fide masterpiece of entrancing dark pop. This time they build on the space themes of EXODE to create a beautiful and captivating musical statement.

You can buy the record via MONDO’s store (check out Tiago Marinho’s artwork!). Get it fast, because Le Matos records never stay in stock long. While you’re there, pick up the rest of their MONDO/Death Waltz releases, including Join Us, Summer of 84, and Turbo Kid, if you don’t have them.

BTW, here’s what I wrote on the OBI strip for the vinyl release:

Jesse Malcolm Sweet’s haunting sci-fi series EXODE tells the story of celestial cartographer David, who is trying to save his family from death on a malfunctioning spaceship. His only help comes from a wise AI named Leo. Montreal-based Le Matos (TURBO KID, JOIN US) provide a richly textured electronic score that is key to the story, deftly cultivating feelings of wistfulness, loneliness, and mortality up against the unapologetic indifference of outer space.

The kinetic title theme is classic Le Matos sent into space — a majestically tempered track with a driving rhythm section and searingly dreamy synthesizers. The end credits theme alters that, nimbly blending in a sense of foreboding. The remaining tracks find Le Matos tapping into the range of introspection and terror David feels as he tries desperately to reconnect with his family. Tender melodies morph into weary synth pads, pulsating arps, crystalline synth dreams, dissonant sonic expressions, and chest-thumping percussion. After a successful collaboration on the SUMMER OF 84 soundtrack, the exquisite Computer Magic rejoins Le Matos for the wistful slow-burner “The Sounds of Nora.” It all makes for an extraordinary adventure.

If you think about it, David isn’t alone with just Leo. He has Le Matos’ skillfully composed and evocative electronic soundtrack, which won the 2017 Melbourne Web Fest jury prize for Best Original Score. This is a companion that would make us all feel more comfortable tackling the beauty and terror of our own daily lives.

Bonus: A Playlist by Le Matos’ J.P. Bernier

Inspired by the synthiness of EXODE.

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