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Sunday One-Liners: Pilotpriest, Desire, Donny Benet, Italoconnection and More

I’ve got the goods today. Check it out. It’s a full six-pack of aural bliss.

Pilotpriest – “Congratulations”

Every song from Toronto’s Pilotpriest is a noble quest along the uncertain pathways of one’s mind and soul. The artist also known as director Anthony Scott Burns has a new film coming out at some point entitled Come True. I can’t wait.

Italoconnection – “Nightride”

The latest single from Italoconnection, the project from Fred Ventura and Paolo Gozzetti, is a foray into the world of beautifully wistful synths and driving rhythms. Italo disco legend Ventura’s vocals have never sounded better, all hooky and reverberated with a potent majesty. You can feel the breeze hit your face and the lights pass you by.

(Editor’s Note: Flashback to that time Ventura and Bunny X did the memorable “Words.”)

Desire – “Liquid Dreams”

It won’t be long until Desire give us a summer Escape. Until then, we’re treated to a series of beautifully killer singles. The latest is “Liquid Dreams,” a driving cut awash in soaring, fantastical synths and Megan Louise’s catchy vocal hooks. It’s perhaps their best song since “Under Your Spell” or “Don’t Call.” (Bonus: The song’s video is mesmerizing.) Buy the download from the Italians Do It Better store.

Donny Benét – “Mr. Experience”

Donny is a maestro of reviving the hook-laden synth-funk/boogie/disco of acts like Prince and The System in the 1980s, and this title cut from his forthcoming album is no exception. The only difference is Donny feels more confident than ever, as he expands his palette to include influences like Bryan Ferry and Hiroshi Yoshimura.

Synth Records – Waves of Hope compilation

Synth Records head Jim Smith (AKA most of TEEEL) has put together an engaging 24-cut compilation to raise money for a guy named Chris Rodkey, who along with his team is making plastic face masks for frontline healthcare workers. Waves of Hope features acts such as New Division, The Rain Within, Coleurs, Retroglyphs, Aeon Rings, Tiny Wight, and of course TEEEL.

JU4N – “Loops for MIDI Pt. 1”

Austin-based JU4N has released the gorgeously deranged “Loops for MIDI Pt. 1” on Holodeck. It centers on a certain style of FM synthesis and MIDI-controlled sequencing to unleash a cascade of musical monologues that coalesce into a single, coherent conversation.

(Editor’s Note: As established in this post, the One-Liners column is a concise but meaningful way to highlight Vehlinggo-recommended releases. It’s not exactly weekly, but it can be. Entries are almost never one line, but they could be. Check out the most recent One-Liners post.)

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