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PREMIERE: New Italo Disco Cut ‘Words’ from Bunny X & Fred Ventura

Italo Disco revivalists Bunny X have teamed up with the legendary Fred Ventura for the colorfully exquisite “Words,” which premieres here today. The cut is a galactic blast of classic minimal Italo with a modern finish.

“Mary Hanley and I were honored to work with Fred,” says Abigail Gordon, one-half of Bunny X, “and we couldn’t have done this without our longtime producer, Conrad Kaneshiro. It was a long time in the making and we’re thrilled that it all came together.”

“Words” will feature on Bunny X’s new EP, We Demand Fun, which comes out on Friday via AMD Records. The album will have brand-new Italo Disco/Hi-NRG songs and some remixes.

The cut showcases the best of the economical approach to composition and arrangement that was a hallmark of Italo Disco in the 1980s. The vocal blend of Gordon, Hanley, and Ventura soars into the heavens as they sing about not having the words to get a relationship beyond the abstract.

Ventura is a pioneer of the genre, releasing a string of classics in the ’80s, including “Years (Go By),” “Wind of Change,” and “Leave Me Alone,” whose arpeggiated joviality “Words” recalls markedly. For more information on Ventura — about his past, his work with Italians Do It Better and Sally Shapiro, and more — check out this Vehlinggo interview from 2015. In recent years he’s been involved in projects such as Italoconnection with Paolo Gozzetti. Bordello A Parigi is releasing his Dancing Alone: Demo Tapes From The Vaults 1982-1984 LP soon.

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