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EXCLUSIVE: New Electric Youth Song from ‘Come True’ Soundtrack

Here’s a fantastic exclusive for you today: A new Electric Youth song called “Come True” from the upcoming film of the same name.

On Friday, Milan Records will release the full soundtrack album for Come True, a downright excellent film directed by Anthony Scott Burns (AKA Pilotpriest) and co-scored by both Pilotpriest and Electric Youth. While we wait for Friday to arrive, now’s your time to dive into the mesmerizing title track.

“Come True” is a standout track from Toronto- and LA-based Electric Youth (Austin Garrick and Bronwyn Griffin), who are admired for their memorable arrangements, catchy hooks, and Griffin’s earth-shattering, meaningful vocals. After the last note of an Electric Youth cut, you’re never the same person you were before the first. This is true for both their studio albums and their soundtrack work.

The 15-track Come True (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) is stacked with captivating score cues from Vehlinggo favorites Electric Youth and Pilotpriest, in addition to original songs from the “A Real Hero” duo and also fellow Canadian Pilotpriest’s cinematic rework of their classic tracks “Modern Fears” and “Runaway” for crucial scenes in the film. PRE-ORDER THE ALBUM NOW.

In addition to Milan Records’ release of the Come True album on Friday, Waxwork Records drops the vinyl version sometime this spring (the pre-order opens up on Friday). The IFC Midnight film also releases on Friday via on-demand and in select theatres.

Electric Youth said in a press release that they loved working with longtime friend Burns on Come True, noting that he’s “so much on the same page as us.”

“We created much of the score in direct musical collaboration with [Burns], a unique opportunity that made for a deeply personal result, for what is a deeply personal film for [Burns],” they said in the statement. “The musical result was something that feels internal and ancient — something otherwordly but from within.”

Involved Before the Script Was Even Complete

In an in-depth interview with Vehlinggo about the music of Come True that will publish very soon, Garrick and Burns shared the origins of their collaboration. Electric Youth met Burns in 2014 — around the time he was writing the script for Come True — and sent him a track they’d been working on. (They had been admiring each other’s work for years and hit it off pretty quickly when they finally met — Burns digging Drive and Electric Youth loving Burns’ groundbreaking MTV Canada work and the music of Pilotpriest.)

“He ended up finishing the script around that piece of music,” Garrick told Vehlinggo. The cue, an ancestor to Come True cue “The Seeker,” was central to the film’s DNA.

Burns also had created reworks of Innerworld album track “Runaway” and bonus track “Modern Fears” that he said were originally intended for release back then. However, he had the idea for them to be a part of Come True, so Electric Youth agreed to hold off on releasing them. Burns ended up also listening to those tracks a ton as he completed the script.

“Both of the remixes felt so strongly like [Come True],” Burns told Vehlinggo.

In addition to Come True, Garrick, Griffin, and Burns collaborated on a track on Electric Youth’s JUNO Award-nominated 2019 album, Memory Emotion. (Although Burns didn’t show up as Pilotpriest that time, he did play electric bass until his fingers bled. You can read more about that in a super in-depth interview we did when I spent time with Garrick and Griffin in their studio before they finished the album.)

Come True soundtrack electric youth pilotpriest vinyl

About Come True

Looking for an escape from her recurring nightmares, 18-year-old Sarah (Julia Sarah Stone) submits to a university sleep study, but soon realizes she’s become the conduit to a frightening new discovery. Dreams go awry and nightmares come true in this mind-bending new work of science-fiction from Anthony Scott Burns (Our House) that haunts the space between wakefulness and sleep. To learn more, check out Vehlinggo writer Rachel Reeves’ review of the film from its Fantasia Fest premiere. You can also watch the killer trailer.

Come True (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Tracklist

  1. Modern Fears (Pilotpriest Come True Version) – Electric Youth
  2. Runaway (Pilotpriest Come True Version) – Electric Youth
  3. Coelocanth – Electric Youth & Pilotpriest
  4. Come True – Electric Youth
  5. Prologue – Electric Youth
  6. The Seeker – Electric Youth
  7. Don’t Know Her – Electric Youth
  8. Title – Pilotpriest
  9. Rested – Pilotpriest
  10. Lost Girl – Electric Youth
  11. Hall of Glass – Electric Youth
  12. Watching – Pilotpriest
  13. Nothing – Pilotpriest
  14. Sarah – Electric Youth
  15. Forgiven – Pilotpriest
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