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Vehlinggo Podcast Returns: Composing Duo Drum & Lace and Ian Hultquist Are Guests

After not being sure about doing another season, it’s looking like I’m doing a five-episode run of The Vehlinggo Podcast. Today, I kick it off with composing duo Drum & Lace (AKA Sofia Hultquist) and Ian Hultquist (Good Girls, Night Teeth, Dickinson, They/Them, etc.), who talk about their score for new film, Rosaline, and their scores for a slate of genre fare. (This marks Sofia’s return to the show — she last joined the podcast in 2019.)

I also invited Your Sister Is A Werewolf to come on and introduce a song off his new album, Summer Break.

Oh, and I play songs by Ruth Radelet (off her new EP), Ultraflex, and Destryur & Cobra Wipeout.

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