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PREMIERE: 2 Killer Anniee and Von Hertzog Collabs, “Fall From The Sky” and “Shut Your Mouth”

Today, we premiere a killer duo of collaborative cuts from longtime Vehlinggo friend Von Hertzog (VH x RR) and New Jersey-based synthwaver Anniee in advance of their release. Notably, “Fall From The Sky,” which comes out May 11, has Anniee in the main with Von in the feature slot; and the other, “Shut Your Mouth,” releasing May 25, is Von in the main with Anniee in the feature slot. Regardless, these two bring a lot to the table to enjoy. So, let’s go ahead and dive into their delectably engaging worlds.

von hertzog anniee shut your mouth trip-hop synthwave release

“Shut Your Mouth”

Von’s song marks his move away from the 1980s and deep into ’90s Bristol, which of course means his hip-hop roots (he once worked with Ghostface Killah) remain intact. It’s a sample-driven and serpentine journey through the dark and the dodgy — and Anniee’s fantastic vox would pair well with your favorite Bristolian acts. But hey, I’ll let him tell you more about it: “Shut Your Mouth,” a ’90s throwback reminiscent of trip-hop groups like Portishead and Massive Attack, is a fragmented suspense tale. Deep and buried secrets fester and lurk on the other side of the walls of our homes and apartments. And if we are honest inside of ourselves, once the secret spills out and you’re unlucky enough to witness it, you may find yourself forever haunted. The song releases digitally on May 25.

anniee von hertzog fall from the sky

“Fall From The Sky”

With Anniee in the lead spot, this gorgeous cut has a crystalline, nostalgic quality to it, and, interestingly, it retains the darkly enigmatic theme that she and Von cultivated in the song above. Here’s Anniee with more on the cut: “Fall From The Sky,” at the core, is a Siren song. It follows a strophic form, a series of invitations to the love interest that build in intensity and drama. The biblical imagery of the garden and the serpents’ promise, “you will not die,” were intentional symbols to point to themes of desire and temptation. However, it’s a modern take on these ideas. The Siren in this song is not following the typical seductress archetype — she is rather a fully conscious human being on the essential journey of desire. Eyes wide open, she embarks on the “fall,” knowing she can get her way in the end. What she gets and how she falls, that’s entirely up to her. This song releases digitally on May 11.

Also check out Von Hertzog’s VH x RR project, a collaboration with Cause and Effect’s Rob Rowe that had its premiere on the Vehlinggo Presents: 5 Years comp. Von also owns The Social Club, an analogue/digital hybrid mixing and mastering studio. Anniee has been making a name for herself in the synthwave scene over the past couple of years, and furthermore she and Von have previously worked together on a few earlier singles.

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