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LISTEN: Vehlinggo Podcast Joins The Damn Fine Network

Big news in the world of The Vehlinggo Podcast: I’ve joined the popular The Damn Fine Network, which hosts or has hosted the Lakeshore Records podcast, The DFC, and such talented souls as Robert Galluzzo of Epic Pictures’ horror label Dread Central Presents and Lakeshore vinyl guru and DFN founder Tony Giles — and many more wonderful shows and people.

I’ll broadcast monthly (as opposed to whenever the hell I feel like it, which was the past M.O.).

On the first episode of this new season on DFN, I’m providing an overview of some of the compelling styles of the often enigmatic synthwave genre. I tackle the light, the dark, and points in between in a quest to give synthwave newbies an opportunity to go down the rabbit hole of the ’80s nostalgia-inspired genre in almost all of its different forms. (That said, I’m sure synthwave aficionados will enjoy it, because they’ll have the opportunity to feel nostalgia for nostalgia.)

Artists played on the podcast include College (with Anoraak), FM Attack, Carpenter Brut, Jordan F, and many more. Listen via the embed above or through popular platforms like iTunes.

Stay tuned for next month’s episode, which is already shaping up quite nicely with a mix of guest-spots and other segments.

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