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PREMIERE: Graham Reznick’s Intense ‘Faking Point’ from ‘Communion’

We’re getting so close to Burning Witches Records’ much-anticipated Record Store Day release, Communion. To hold you over until April 21, Vehlinggo premieres “Faking Point,” Graham Reznick’s delectable contribution to the compilation.


Reznick, who recently released the exquisite Glass Angles on Death Waltz and Data Airlines, joins the likes of Deadly Avenger, Alone in the Woods, Timothy Fife, Espectrostatic, and several other gifted musicians for Communion.

Burning Witches Records’ ‘Communion’ compilation to be released on Record Store Day. Photo Credit: Aaron Vehling.

The Kent, England-based Burning Witches Records pressed 500 copies of Communion on limited-edition black and purple vinyl. This means people both online and in select record stores will be vying for this rare, coveted comp. Be vigilant and proactive and make sure you buy this!


  1. Deadly Avenger – “Nightcrawler”
  2. Alone In The Woods – “I Never Came Up For Air”
  3. Graham Reznick – “Faking Point”
  4. Isvisible Isinvisible – “The Level Crossing”
  5. Espectrostatic – “The Locust Accord”
  6. Cory Kilduff – “LV426”
  7. Timothy Fife – “Erotic Rites”
  8. Ian Alex Mac – “Winona ’88”
  9. Harglow – “Candle Wax”
  10. worriedaboutsatan – “Figures, Data”




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