Electric Youth Return with Great New Single to Raise Money for Noble Organizations

Toronto duo Electric Youth have released a profoundly meaningful instrumental track today entitled “Critical Thinking (Two Worlds Suite)” and 100 percent of their earnings from streams and downloads of it will go to charity in perpetuity. For starters, the beneficiaries will be Innocence Project, Black Girls Code, and My Brother’s Keeper Alliance. Listen to it on many different platforms today.

Since their first release in 2009, the duo of Austin Garrick and Bronwyn Griffin have imbued their work with a deeper hidden meaning that connects thoroughly with listeners across the globe. You don’t just listen to Electric Youth’s music. You welcome it as part of you. This is true with their catchy songs as well as their instrumental fare — whether we’re talking about the passages on Innerworld or their phenomenal score cues for Breathing, their original soundtrack to a lost film. I’m sure it’ll be just as likely on their upcoming film music work for Anthony Scott Burns’ Come True, which has already been confirmed to screen at Sitges.

The deeper connection is certainly present on “Critical Thinking.” The six-minute piece is a journey through a rich tapestry of beautiful synth and organic movements. The piece’s shift through pianos, strings, and warm synth expressions finds Griffin’s unforgettable vocals becoming wordless chants that join the instruments to cultivate a marvelous yet contemplative sound. The elements weave their way along a crescendo that culminates in cinematic blast of drums joining the mix before everything cuts out for an epilogue resembling the duo’s classic synth-driven ambiance, flowing tightly and with a beautifully executed restraint.

electric youth memory emotion photo
Bronwyn Griffin and Austin Garrick are Electric Youth. Photo credit unknown.

“Critical Thinking” has the “Two Worlds Suite” parenthetical because it’s drawn from different score cues that were to be used in two distinct projects. Although they never found a use in those projects, they work well as a kind of conversation here. The differences between the two worlds are reconciled through the process of creating one piece that finds solace in their common ground.

This track could serve as an antidote to the fruitless, scorched-earth exchanges people have online over some of the most important issues society faces today. The dynamics of “Critical Thinking” support an enriching conversation about equality and fairness that is stripped of cynicism and empowered with a discerning sense of hope.

For more information on the organizations benefitting from your streams and downloads of “Critical Thinking,” visit Innocence Project, Black Girls Code, and former President Barack Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper Alliance.

Keep an ear out for more of Electric Youth’s film-music work. The release date for the Come True soundtrack is not yet set, but it will feature both songs and instrumental cues from the duo in addition to instrumental work from Burns. Let’s just say that it’s one of the most anticipated releases in Vehlinggoland.

And of course, don’t forget Electric Youth’s extraordinary Memory Emotion album, which Last Gang and Electric Youth released last August. Vehlinggo had an intimate look at this fantastic followup to Innerworld, visiting the duo in their Toronto studio as they were putting the finishing touches on the record. We ended up talking all day, when we weren’t listening to the music, and the result is a very in-depth look into the life of Electric Youth. It’s also a great companion piece to the several other interviews we’ve done.

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