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PREMIERE: Primo’s Intensely Catchy “Only Human”

Ever since Primo the Alien came onto the synthwave scene, she’s raised the bar for songwriting, production, and performance. Her latest foray is “Only Human,” her first single on Aztec Records, a London-based label that has released work by Sunglasses Kid, NINA, and LAU.

“Only Human” comes out on Friday, July 17, via Aztec Records, but don’t wait. Pre-save/pre-order it here right now.

The Austin-based synth-pop artist Primo the Alien wrote, produced, and recorded “Only Human” in the guest bedroom of her north Austin home. The song is a continuation of Primo’s pop opera and debut EP, To the Max!. She says that “Only Human” explores the complexities of an existence between two worlds: one human and one of another universe entirely.

primo only human single

“‘Only Human’ lives in the moment when music echos the song in your soul, when the beat of the kick drum syncs with the beating of your heart. In that ineffable space, where bodies entwine on a dance floor, one can exist in the present, guided by the rhythm alone,” Aztec said in a statement.

Primo has a few accolades under her belt, including best electronic artist nominee for Austin Chronicle‘s Austin Music Awards and serving as supporting act for The Midnight, Savoir Adore, Mobley, Timecop1983, Mr. Kitty, and Neon Indian.