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Dawn to Dawn Release Captivating ‘Stereo’ & Announce Debut LP

I’ve been covering the music of Tess Roby for five years and her new three-person, beat-oriented band, Dawn to Dawn, for the past couple of years. Although I sometimes am guilty of committing the venial sin of being overly hyperbolic in my praise, when it comes to Roby and her projects I’d argue my praise isn’t ramped up enough. It’s practically a felony that Roby and Dawn to Dawn aren’t more well known.

So when I learned that Dawn to Dawn just released a new single, “Stereo,” and are set to release debut album Postcards from the Sun to the Moon on Oct. 6, I nearly exploded into tiny little atoms out of pure joy and anticipation. I’ve covered previous album singles from the Montreal-based trio of Roby, Adam Ohr & Patrick Lee in the past — check out what I wrote about “Meridian,” “A Colour Named By You,” and “Care,” which I called a “revelation.”  (It really is.) “Stereo” is no deviation from the quality of its predecessors.

“Stereo” is an extraordinary single. It has this delightful balance of pulsating rhythm and hypnotically crystalline synth pads, supporting the comforting enchantment of Roby’s vocals. Specifically, there’s a driving 909 that works as a glue that allows Pure Moods-friendly synth layers and Roby’s pipes to swirl around in a loosely controlled fashion. This is essentially one of those tracks that somehow compels a profound kinesis on the dance floor, while instilling a holistic sense of serenity and positive well-being you might associate more with beatless ambient work. Admittedly, this is one of my favorite musical formulas so I’m extra receptive to the approach. However, I almost guarantee that you, dear reader, will be at least as captivated as I am.

The album is mixed by Montreal musicians Patrick Holland and Pierre Guerineau (Marie Davidson & L’Œil Nu, Essaie Pas), and it features impressionistic artwork by Hugo Bernier.

Postcards is available for pre-order on digital and CD via Roby’s SSURROUNDSS label. Head over to Bandcamp and do yourself a solid with a swift purchase.

While you’re at it, do check out Roby’s latest solo album, which will knock you into another wave of existence.