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Adam Miller (Ex-Chromatics) Is on The Vehlinggo Podcast

The latest episode of The Vehlinggo Podcast is out now, featuring a very special guest. It’s none other than Adam Miller, who was a founding member of Chromatics, the former band that has had a massive influence on multiple music scenes (and whose music was one of the reasons I even started Vehlinggo eight years ago).

We talk about his new solo career, especially his debut LP, Gateway, along with his experience performing live with his new band, Inner Magic, and with former Chromatics frontwoman Ruth Radelet. Of course, we also touch on his 20 years with Chromatics, his collaboration with Krakow Loves Adana, and what he’s got planned for the future. Naturally, I play music from Miller’s solo album, in addition to a Chromatics song and that Krakow collab. There’s probably more in there that I’m forgetting. Basically, take a dive and enjoy!

Spotify, Apple, and Libsyn embeds are below, but you can also find the podcast on Audible, Amazon, and some other platforms. Although if you really want to do the podcast a solid, you should subscribe (and review)!

adam miller chromatics twin peaks interview gateway vehlinggo
Adam Miller of Chromatics. (Photo is a screenshot from ‘Twin Peaks: The Return.’)

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