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Quick Takes: Makeup and Vanity Set, Power Glove, Emil Rottmayer & HOME, Canter, Djablo

It’s time for another round of the semi-regular roundup-style post whose name changes from “Roundup” to “Quick Takes” and all points between, depending on the direction of the wind and the amount of time I have to write the post. Today I’ve settled on “Quick Takes.”

Anyway, on to the songs.

Makeup and Vanity Set Returns

Pioneering retrosynth project Makeup and Vanity Set is to release the Wavehymnal EP on Marseille, France-based Data Airlines on April 11 (pre-order it right now). The single out now is called “Stalker” and its suitably dark and fantastic, conjuring everything from the French House of classic Daft Punk to Technique-era New Order and even a little Violator-era Depeche Mode.

If the Power Glove Fits…

The Australia-based duo Power Glove posted three surprise tracks to SoundCloud over the weekend: “Reckoning,” “Boss Fight,” and “Punch.” I suspect they’re part of a forthcoming EP, at minimum, or perhaps a score they’ve been commissioned to create for some video game.

Whatever the impetus, Power Glove has left the dungeon and its more modern sounds and is back to their old tricks again.

Rottmayer Finds HOME

Emil Rottmayer and the ever-busy synther HOME have released the collaboration “R.I.S.E.” It’s a delicate, lo-fi number that’s pleasing to experience and does a pretty damn good job of balancing the characteristics of each artist. Rottmayer’s more classic synthwave colors and melodies are active, but so is HOME’s skill for creating contemplative, upbeat, and tempered arrangements.

Hear Canter’s Cold, Dark Plea 

Chicago-natives and New York-based gothic-tinged synth group Canter recently released the haunting “Hear My Plea,” a coldwave, krautrocky cut that would have fit in well on The Guest soundtrack alongside Clan of Xymox and Sisters of Mercy. It’s a great song — it rocks as much as its synths are catchy and evocative.

Djablo’s Study of the Self

I always like to include some experimental cuts on these lists. On today’s, Djablo’s Richard D James-tinged “Fish Pondering Being Fish” fits the bill. It’s as pretty as it is a cut-up, detached, and enticing piece of fairy-tale enchantment.