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Night Drive Kills It with Valerie-Heavy Vehlinggo Spotify Mix

Synth band Night Drive is poised to release its self-titled debut album on June 16. To celebrate, the New Order/sci-fi film-inspired, modern synthpop band made a Spotify mix for Vehlinggo.

I offered up the following as a theme: neon-noirish-optimism. And they certainly obliged. As Rodney Connell of the Austin-based band tells it, the mix is inspired by the classic, late-2000s sounds of the Valerie Collective. What this means is that your favorite Valerie and friends are on it — College, Maethelvin, The Outrunners, and more.

“They really encapsulated that neon-noirish-optimistic sound you are describing,” Connell says. “I had first started DJing during that time, and I checked this blog every single day.”


Listen to the latest single from the band’s forthcoming album.

(Feature Photo by Daniel Cavazos Photography)

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