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Code Elektro ‘Wolf’ Podcast Series: Week 8

(Editor’s Note: For this and the next few weeks, the blog will feature Code Elektro (AKA Martin Ahm) discussing each of the 11 pieces on Wolf, his most recent album and one that has earned him global accolades and a legion of fans. You can catch up on all of the previous segments below.)

We’re at Week 8, with Ahm discussing track 9, “Dark Night.”

Check back next week, when Ahm talks about “N30n.”


Here is the setlist for Wolf. If a cut doesn’t have a link yet, that means a podcast segment is forthcoming (or it’s today’s segment).

Side A
1. Ouverture (Welcome to the Wolf Den)  (and discussion of the Wolf concept)
2. Wolf
3. Scandinavia
4. Voyager
5. Slow Motions
6. Interlude (Moon)

Side B
1. Impactor 
2. Lost in Time
3. Dark Night [Today’s Segment]
4. N3On
5. Postlude (Transformation)

Buy Wolf via Iceberg Records’ Big Cartel store. It’s also available in digital form via all the usual suspects, such as Spotify (below). For more information on the Code Elektro project, Ahm has you covered.

Got Spotify? Listen to Wolf below.

(Feature Photo: Album art for Code Elektro’s Wolf. Art by Jon Gotlev.)

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