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One-Liners: Digital Shades & Parallels; In a Dramatic Gesture; ‘Imitation Girl’; Funk Leblanc; MAVS, Petticoat

Today’s One-Liners column covers some electronic and orchestral territory, ranging from pop and disco to film and video game scores. Each of these releases is unassailably fantastic. That said, not everything just came out today. I prefer to take some time with music before I recommend it.

Digital Shades & Parallels – ‘CLosure’

Storied Toronto synth act Parallels and LA-based Digital Shades have joined forces to craft a dreamy, Futurecop!-esque number with galactic ambitions.

In a Dramatic Gesture – ‘The Last Wave’

With his Saint-Samuel project on a break, Montreal-based Stephane Richard has unleashed unto the world an even better array of meticulously crafted, retro-minded electronic music. (But please oh please, don’t call this “synthwave.”) This project, In a Dramatic Gesture, saw its first release earlier this year but we’re already preparing for his best album yet, Television Lovers, which releases Aug. 21. He spliced the entire album together from tape. Here’s a great early listen:

Kevin Hufnagel and Natasha Kermani – ‘Imitation Girl (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Hufnagel’s and Kermani’s score for Kermani’s film Imitation Girl — about an alien who takes the form of an adult film star and how they navigate that dynamic — is as beautifully creative as the film itself. You can buy the score digitally and on vinyl now via the inimitable Burning Witches Records, as part of their partnership with Epic Pictures label Dread.

Funk LeBlanc – ‘Real Love (feat. Holland Greco)’

It’s never been a better time to dive into the care-free bliss of late 1970s disco. The songcraft on this one is stunning.

Petticoat – ‘Fantasy’

This song simply rules. Look for this and more synthy-nostalgia-meets-contemporary-bliss on his debut EP coming in the fall.

Makeup and Vanity Set – Overpass (Original Video Game Soundtrack)

Nashville’s Makeup and Vanity Set has spent a fair amount of his recent years composing some breathtaking scores. He’s provided music for some of the most-downloaded podcasts in the US, films, and video games. Overpass is a truly engaging score from an artist who is as versatile as he is prolific. (Hat tip to Mizucat for designing a gorgeous cover for this release.)

(Editor’s Note: As established in this post, the One-Liners column is a concise but meaningful way to highlight Vehlinggo-recommended releases. It’s not exactly weekly, but it can be. Check out the most recent one.

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