Pink Gloves Release Stunning New Single, ‘Where Is Your Love’

There’s always been a mesmerizing quality to Prague-based Pink Gloves, one of the newer Italians Do It Better acts. That truth remains on new single “Where Is Your Love.”

The slow propulsion of the Italo Disco instrumentation creates a sense of hypnosis, methodically adding layers of synth-laden suspense that blend seamlessly with frontman Petr Pliska’s entrancingly devil-may-care vocals. “Where Is Your Love” has the dim-lights-in-a-dark-club feel of Night Drive-era Chromatics, though the band and producer Johnny Jewel have imbued the cut with a modern sheen that never sounds derivative of the label’s flagship act. That said, if I had a car and drove that car in the night, I’d definitely have this song on the stereo.

You can find “Where Is Your Love,” the first single from an upcoming album, on streaming services and download it (and its instrumental version) for a dollar at the Italians Do It Better store. It pairs well with Pink Gloves’ Los Angeles EP, which came out on vinyl last year. (Note: Remember that time Pink Gloves put together an absolutely killer mix for Vehlinggo?)

Pink Gloves is part of a new class of IDIB acts that have added to the family’s perpetual influence on the music scene. There’s also In Mirrors, Tess Roby, Jorja Chalmers, Heaven, Double Mixte, Orion, and Krakow Loves Adana among the New Wave of Italians Do It Better.

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